Eurorack Module



Size: 8HP, Depth 30mm (skiff friendly)
Power: 50mA @ +12v, 25mA @- 12v, 30mA @ +5v
Audio Input: -10v to +10v
Audio Output: -7.8v to +7.8v
Gate/Trigger Input: An input +5v signal will trigger the two assignable buttons, overvoltage protected
CV Inputs: Control voltage inputs for the two assignable knobs, expects an input voltage of-5v to +5v
USB Input: ESD and transient voltage protected

£ 155.00
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Design your own Eurorack Module

Design your own module

Create a DSP patch

With our Patchblocks Editor you can define your own functionality for this Eurorack Module. Turn it into a filter, random sequencer, bitcrusher, trigger manipulator ... whatever you think your setup needs.

Eurorack Signals

Triggers, CV, Audio

Our Eurorack Module takes ±5V as CV input for the two knobs, ±10V as Audio signal input and +5V for the buttons. What you do with them is up to you. The signal output is ±7.8V.

Eurorack Daisychain

Daisychain for more PB Power!

You can daisy chain several of our modules to make use if the internal 2 digital audio busses and the MIDI bus between the modules.


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