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Posted : 03/09/2018 15:37:42 "Quote"

I got a secondhand Patchblock off eBay, which I'd like to sync with my Minijam tek.hub - I think this should be possible, I've failed so far however.

I have a stereo to mono splitter cable. I plug the stereo end in to an input on the tek.hub, and the two mono jacks into the Patchblock. I get sound out of the hub, but it doesn't sync, changing the tek.hub's tempo has no effect on the Patchblock.

I also tried using one of the Minijam cables from the tek.hub to the Patchblock's sync port, and listened to the Patchblock using a speaker or headphones - same thing as before.

I'm assuming if I can hear sound from the Patchblock that I've correctly identified its output and sync ports.

I'm just trying this with sample patches from the editor software - if I load one that is, or has, a drum track I'm kind of assuming I should be able to control it's tempo - maybe I'm wrong about that though?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!