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Posted : 03/09/2018 15:37:42 "Quote"

I got a secondhand Patchblock off eBay, which I'd like to sync with my Minijam tek.hub - I think this should be possible, I've failed so far however.

I have a stereo to mono splitter cable. I plug the stereo end in to an input on the tek.hub, and the two mono jacks into the Patchblock. I get sound out of the hub, but it doesn't sync, changing the tek.hub's tempo has no effect on the Patchblock.

I also tried using one of the Minijam cables from the tek.hub to the Patchblock's sync port, and listened to the Patchblock using a speaker or headphones - same thing as before.

I'm assuming if I can hear sound from the Patchblock that I've correctly identified its output and sync ports.

I'm just trying this with sample patches from the editor software - if I load one that is, or has, a drum track I'm kind of assuming I should be able to control it's tempo - maybe I'm wrong about that though?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi toby1kenobi,

I don't think any of the example patches come with built in external sync in this way. You have find patches from the community specifically designed to sync by 'click'. There are several patches out there with external sync capabilities. Check the descriptions in the 'community database' or search these forums.
The reason why not all the patches sync by default in the way you might expect is because the socket you have identified as an 'input for sync' isn't actually a dedicated to sync jack. It is a general analogue input socket. You can put any audio of electrical signal into it (its stereo too), but it is up to the patch loaded into the block to 'interpret' this signal, either was an audio signal (like would be used for an effect patch) or a control signal (like would be used for 'sync to my Min-jam hub or volca or something' patch. It is not a dedicated sync jack.

Some musical patches have min-jam/korg style sync, some don't. Its up to the author of the patch.

Hope this helps.
- Maikshifter


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That does help, thank you very much!


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In case it helps someone else at some point, I made small but significant progress based on this video posted by Patchblocks on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMTktONDEDE

That's syncing a volca with a Patchblock, but it more or less works with a tek.hub too. The code in the YouTube description didn't work as is, but a user commented that the first multiply block had to be changed from -1 to 1, which got both examples working. Here's the slightly tweaked code for the simple sync example:


and here's the code from the tweaked sequence: