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Smooth simply averages out the last n samples it receives at input.

Maximum samples = 16.

You can think of it as a very gentle low-pass filter, or as a more linear version of "Lag".

Use it to counter anti-aliasing at low settings (1) or perhaps to smooth out knob movements at control rate


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Thanx for the patch. It fucks up my frequency response, though (at audio rate obviously), even set to 2 samples - menas, sound gets noticeably muffled. At 10bit resolution, that seems to do a lot.

Maybe there's a way to have it look for single spikes, similar to a declicker, and leave the rest alone? I assume, that a single spike probably peaks out to full range normally, and just for one rectangular sample value right in the otherwise smoother waveform. If i knew about the basics of analysing spikes i would attempt to do it myself... but just a starter over here. Thank you in any case.