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Hi Guys, 

a work in progress: ADSRe is the same as the ADSR block, but the Attack is the first 90° of the Sine function (Might change to a steeper exponential curve ?) and Decay and Release are exponential curves. 

The fifth parameter let's you choose from 0 to 1 = from linear to very exponential…

There's still some work… sometimes some zipper noise and the release-curves sometimes clicks after the decay.

I might change the Release to a constant fall instead of constant time too…

All ideas and suggestions welcome.


update 1:

now it doesn't go into an infinite sustain when Release or decay time is shortened drastically while running.



Geeky stuff:

I've used the midi_cps values as a sort of lookup table for an exponential curve, because it's not possible to do it with a Math function…

So a Bonus tip: if you're looking for a way to make a control exponential in one of your patches, you can use the mtof block with some clipping and mapping…