Patchblocks Neo Blue

Build your own synthesizer

Patching Editor

Create your own DSP patch

With the Patchblock Editor you can develop your own sound, either by editing some of the existing patches or create your own based on a varielty of DSP building blocks.

Upload Patch via USB

Upload via USB

Once you created your program, you can upload it to the Patchblock with a USB cable. You can change your program as often as you want.

Standalone Synthesiser

Absolutely Independent

Once programmed the Patchblock does not need a computer. It doesn't even need a power supply, as the USB-rechargeable LiPo battery lasts for over 10 hours!


Synthesizer Audio Output

Standalone Synthesiser

Use the Patchblock as a standalone sound generator. It can play sequences of synth-sounds, drums, or just act as an exotic noise machine. You decide what it should do.

Audio Effect Processor

Audio Input / Effect Processor

The Patchblock has a 3.5mm stereo input. It allows you to turn it into an external effect processor: Filters, Delays, Distortion ... or your own bizarre sound-mangler. 

Daisy chained Patchblocks

Several Modules Combined

You can connect several modules, either with cables or by directly snapping them together. This allows you to be really modular with your setup of Patchblocks.

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