Patchblocks Keyblock


Keyblock Synthesizer

Extend Patchblocks

With the Keyblock you can now play MIDI notes directly with your Patchblock. You also get 4 additional knobs to control synthesis parameters with CC channels.

Keyblock Arpeggiator

Combine with the Midiblock

If you combine a Keyblock, a Patchblock and a Midiblock you get a standalone Midi-Machine that can mangle your MIDI data from your Keyblock and send it to external equipment. 

Mixing MIDI signals

Mixing incoming MIDI

The Keyblock will always send on MIDI channel 1. If you connect a Midiblock to the left, you can still receive MIDI on other channels and forward it to your Patchblock.

Chaining Keyblocks

Daisy chaining Keyblocks

Combing several Keyblocks together to get additional octaves and knobs. Continuous controller numbers as well as note numbers will automatically be down-shifted from Keyblocks connected leftwards.